A Guide to Setting Up your Own Business

More and more Australians are giving up the security of regular employment to branch out on their own, and there’s never been a better time to do just that. Starting a business, however, does require some serious forethought and preparation, and with that in mind, here is a guide to launching your own business.

The Concept

The very core of the business, your concept must tick quite a few boxes; your product or service must be in demand, plus you should be offering something that others do not. It might be a fully comprehensive service or 24/7 support, and you do need to take an honest look at the competition. Until you have this one nailed, it is pointless going any further.


Many people have great business ideas, yet they cannot come up with adequate funding, and without capital, your business idea will always remain an idea. There are affordable unsecured business loans in Sydney that can easily be found with an online search, and make sure you have crunched the numbers and know how much money you will need.

Creating a Business Plan

If you have the funding, the next step is to create a business plan, which will outline every aspect of the business, including:

  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Long and Short-Term Forecasts
  • Company Structure
  • Company Inventory
  • Overview of the Business

Once you have finished your business plan, give it to a few business gurus, asking them to pick holes or find weaknesses, as very often, another person sees something you may have overlooked.

Legal Advice

There are many ways to set up a business, and by consulting with a good business lawyer, you can take the right steps at the very outset. The expert can advise you regarding taxation liabilities, and with their direction, your business will be off to a good start with the right foundation.

Digital Marketing

Regardless of the industry, digital marketing is not something you can afford to be without, and by discussing your needs with a leading SEO company, they can help you create a marketing plan that will reach the right target groups. Setting up social media accounts would be high on the list of priorities, and by hiring a good web designer, your company portal to the online world will be impressive.


You will need constant motivation, as starting a business has many obstacles, and there will be times when you question yourself, but ask any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you how tough it was in the early days. You need to be committed to making your business a success, and when things don’t go as you planned, grit your teeth, carry on and there will come a day when you can honestly say your company is successful.

Every large corporation started life as an idea is someone’s mind, and if you are convinced that your business concept has got what it takes, with a lot of planning and perseverance, success is just around the corner.


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