Electrum 24 – A Wise Trading Solution

With every passing year, the online trading industry has been gaining a lot of ground and user-base. There was a time when the online trading industry had only a small number of trading brokerages but now it has thousands of brokerages claiming to provide the best and most profitable trades in online trading. Unfortunately, there are only a few online trading brokerages that live up to their reputation, where Electrum 24 is one of them.

What is Electrum 24?

It is an online trading brokerage that has been around for some time in the online trading industry. Ever since the launch, Electrum 24 has been busy helping the old and new online traders alike. The teams at Electrum 24 are highly interactive and experienced in the fields of trading, analyzing, and programming. With their combined knowledge, they have made Electrum 24 a hub where the investors not only get to trade but also get to learn so much in the online trading industry and the assets.

At present, Electrum 24 is providing investors the option to choose and trade from assets that are Indices, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities. No matter the asset selected by an investor, he/she is provided with full support and guidance from the Electrum 24 team of analysts and traders throughout their trading adventure.

Electrum 24’s Adherence to Regulations

Before we even start talking about Electrum 24’s services and benefits, it is better to talk about the brokerage’s adherence to regulations. Electrum 24 complies with all major and small regulations where the most critical are the KYC and AML Policies.

Being adherent to the KYC and AML policies means that the brokerage runs a background check of each investor using its services and keeps their personal identification information up-to-date. Furthermore, the brokerage also monitors and reports any transactions over to the regulatory authorities that pose a risk of money-laundering and terrorist funding.

Electrum 24’s Trading Account

To ensure that the assets and tools used by its investors are not controlled by any third-party, Electrum 24 has created and launched its own trading platform that is compatible with Web Browsers on PC/MAC as well as smartphones (Android & iOS).

The Electrum 24 trading platform is created to offer the most user-friendly and comprehensible trading interface that the investors can use to their advantage. Some of the most remarkable tools and features it offers include single-click execution, trading signals, daily market news/reviews, price alerts, trading charts/graphs, market analysis reports, and algo-trading.

Trading Options Offered by Electrum 24

For investors who wish to trade with Electrum 24, they have the option of choosing from a variety of trading accounts such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each account offers a number of services and benefits based on the level and deposit they are willing to make. The minimum deposit required at Electrum 24 to acquire the Bronze trading account is €500, then €5,000 for Silver, and €25,000 for Gold.

Electrum 24 offers another trading account that is of the highest level at the brokerage and is known as “Black Trading Account”. This account can only be acquired by the investors if they are invited by one of the black account holders or by Electrum 24.

Services and Benefits Offered by Electrum 24

When investor acquires a trading account through Electrum 24, they are eligible for services that include static spreads, trading leverage, a news feed, financial calendar, lots, welcome bonus, personal account manager, and education center.

Electrum 24’s Education Center

Electrum 24 aims to provide investors with all the knowledge and information they need in order to keep going and thriving in the online trading industry. This is the reason why Electrum 24 provides investors with education programs such as Economic Calendar, Trading Signals, Trading Training, and Market Analysis.

Electrum24’s Customer Support

When it comes to offering support, Electrum 24 is not just limited to account managers and analysts, but it also provides investors with one of the most professional and empathetic customer support teams. These individuals are veterans in the customer support sector and know how to find solutions to the problems and concerns raised by investors.

The customer support offered by Electrum 24 is available between 08:00 am and 05:00 pm (UK Time).

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