Exciting SPIF Ideas That Boost Employee Performance

A company performs as well as its employees do. It is, therefore, a company’s obligation to make the staff work as hard as possible for the company to make as many profits as possible. However, besides the excellent work done by the employees, the participants can still add an extra mile to the room for improvement within the company’s performance, but how will that happen? That is where the Special Performance Incentive Fund comes in!

Special Performance Incentive Funds are more of a price to be given to an employee, instead of a group of employees, who genuinely achieve specific targets set by the company management. The goals, although manageable and achievable, have to involve the extra mile for the employees. However, all the efforts shall not go unrewarded, for there is always something in store for the exemplary performers, and what could that be?

A Cash Price

Despite the average salary given to the employees, a cash price can do them so much better, especially when it gets to motivation. The cash price does not have to be hefty, only that it should match the efforts put by the employee to achieve it. In instances where the price is way below the set standards, it might not give the intended impression to the contestants. Hence a healthy competition is not achieved. It would be best if the cash price would be mouthwatering, making every employee want a chance for it, which will significantly boost one’s performance, and subsequently the whole company. It would even be better if some little appreciation were also shown to the runners up, to motivate them to do better when another chance of such appears.

A Vacation

An environment outside the everyday routine life is what everybody desires, but not all can afford it. Most people would appreciate such breaks and would do anything to achieve it, and one can boost the performance of using sales spiff in a company where people work for long hours and tirelessly. Due to the natural desire for a break, the individuals will push themselves to their limits, only to taste the quiet life as the price of the hard work. It will not puncture the organization’s pockets, for the costs shall all be covered by the profits incurred to boost performance using sales Spiffs.


Many benefits accompany a promotion to a higher rank, The major ones being an increase in salary and an increase in benefits. At most times, although there is usually an increase in workload, much bulk work is usually done by the juniors in the organization. Which would make one not wish to have the upgrade opportunity just as a result of working off their minds and soles a little more than the normal? Wouldn’t the company also benefit from promoting the employee who they feel achieves maximum performance? Therefore, boosting performance using sales spiffs can be one of the most effective ways to receive the best out of their performances.

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