Fin-toward Review: Top 5 Features Of Fin-toward To Know About

It can be challenging to find a brokerage firm that meets all your requirements since every trader has unique needs. While it is not possible to find everything that you expect to the dot, brokers that hit all the checkmarks exist. You just have to know how to look for them to be able to find such brokers.

Today, I will be talking about the online brokerage firm Fin-toward. As per my experience, this broker goes the extra mile to ensure that you receive the best trading conditions. What makes this firm different from regular brokers is that it offers an additional feature of investment plans to facilitate the traders. It provides useful trading instruments to support the trade of the variety of assets that it supports. Let’s take a look at the top 5 features of this brokerage firm.

Top 5 Features of Fin-toward

Diverse Account Types

The number of account types that Fin-toward offers is unparalleled. Not only is the number of options impressive, but the features and facilities provided in each account are equally as impressive. The account types that this broker offers include the Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, PRO, and VIP accounts. You will not find many brokerage firms that offer more than three or four account options. What I really like about these accounts is that you can access all the necessary features in even the Basic account. The initial deposit rate is a mere $250 which is rare to find these days as a majority of the trading firms take every opportunity to charge their customers with a fee. The diverse range of accounts ensures that the broker is able to accommodate a large variety of traders.

Insured Trading

Fin-toward offers several account types and investment plans to traders. All these account types provide varying features depending on their level of upgrade. However, you may notice that one feature that is offered for all account type which is insured trading. Insured trading allows you to practice risk-free trading which is an extremely beneficial feature. With insured trading, the broker does not deduct the cost of losses from your account. What’s more is that this feature is even available on the Basic account.

Investment Plans

Now, multiple account types are a common feature among brokerage firms. However, what’s not common is the additional choice of investment plans. These plans allow you to set goals and aims depending on what you want to achieve from trading. They are based on the age, financial status, and trading experience of the traders. The financial plans that the firm offers are; the family plan, secondary income investment plan, retirement plan, vacation plan, and VIP plan.

Training and Education

Many brokers offer their services for training new traders and helping them get familiar with the trade business. However, most of the time, you will find that these services are only for registered customers. This is how the training and education resources provided by Fin-toward are different from other brokers. With Fin-toward, you can access all the resources that it has to offer for free. And you will get tutorials and lectures for some very important aspects of trading such as fundamental and technical analysis, common trade terms, strategies, etc.

Customer Support

Fin-toward provides round-the-clock customer service to support its customers. This means that you will not need to wait for several hours to hear back from the broker on your queries. You can contact them via the phone numbers and email addresses provided on the firm’s website. Moreover, the broker offers the services of industry experts, financial assistants, account managers, etc. The brokerage firm also provides technical assistance to those who have trouble operating the platform.

Final Words

You can notice that the services and features provided by this broker aim to ensure that all traders make smart investment decisions. With its variety of account options, investment plans, and tradable assets, Fin-toward makes sure that the needs of all its customers are met. It is evident that the broker puts customer-satisfaction high on its radar.

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