Global CTB – a Fully Loaded Online Trading Brokerage

When it comes to online trading, every new and old investor wants to have the most profitable and convenient trading experience. They want the online trading brokerage to provide them with all the benefits and services they need to get things moving. Unfortunately, the majority of the online trading industry is now filled with brokers who are not able to live up to their claims and reputation.

If one wishes to trade in the most favorable conditions, then they either need to spend a lot of money to become part of one of the most prominent online trading brokerages or need to keep searching and hope that one day they will find the right one themselves.

Global CTB is in the House

However, the search for investors is now over because Global CTB is the brokerage that is determined to provide investors with all the services and benefits that are provided by the highly reputed brokerages. So I will try my best to provide you and other investors with all the information through this Global CTB Review.

Trading Assets Offered by Global CTB

While the majority of the online trading brokerages offer only one or a couple of trading assets at max, Global CTB offers an entire list of trading assets. At Global CTB, the investors have the option of choosing from trades such as Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

No matter the trading asset, the investors are provided with full support, guidance, and information/insights by the Global CTB expert traders and analysts. They ensure that every trade initiated by the investors is profitable and without any risks of losing funds. Furthermore, trading through Global CTB means that the investors will have full access to all the trading markets per asset.

Account Types Offered by Global CTB

There are many brokerages that tend to offer a single trading account to the investors without any guidance and support. However, Global CTB has put together a list of trading accounts that are better suited for the investors as per their trading experience.

At present, Global CTB offers investors six different trading accounts that include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP levels. Each account serves a certain group of investors and with each account, the number of facilities and benefits continue to increase. The minimum deposit requirement at Global CTB is €500, which continues to increase per account and goes all the way up to €200,000 as of the minimum deposit requirement.

Services Offered by Global CTB

As soon as the investors make the deposit and acquire the trading account, they gain access to services/benefits that include weekly trading sessions, access to education centers, and private education sessions.

Additionally, there are services such as savings account, several trading programs, and services of an account manager for daily trading activities.

Education Center at Global CTB

The education center at Global CTB offers a vast number of options that the investors can use for their benefits. Some of the most prominent aspects of Global CTB’s education program comprise trading videos demos, ebooks, daily news, charts, economic calendar, ico-calendar, and trader’s glossary.

The investors can make full use of the above and gain as much knowledge and information around trading as possible. They can implement the learnings to their daily trading activities in order to increase their chances of making profits.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Global CTB

At Global CTB, the investors are allowed to make a deposit either through “Bank Wire Transfer” or “Debit/Credit Card”. For the Debit/Credit cards, the investors can do it with VISA/MasterCard and as soon as the money is deposited, the investors can start trading. The minimum deposit that the investors are required to make at Global CTB is €500.

For Withdrawals, the investors can request to get funds transferred through the same methods used for making deposits. The process of money withdrawal may take up to 3-5 business days for debit/credit cards while it may take up to 15 business for bank wire transfers.

The reason for the delay via bank wire is because Global CTB tends to go through several KYC and AML checks before releasing the funds to the investors.

Adherence to KYC and AML Policies

If the investors wish to trade with Global CTB, then there are also required to adhere to the Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Adherence to these policies means that the investors are to provide their personal identification information from time to time. Additionally, the transaction activities of the investors are also monitored to ensure there are no money laundering or terrorist funding elements involved.

Customer Support at Global CTB

If the investors ever have any queries or concerns they would want to discuss but they do not wish to bother their account managers, then they can contact Global CTB’s 24/7 Customer Support. The support representatives at Global CTB are experienced and well-trained in dealing with queries and problems that the investors may face throughout their trading journeys.

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