Neuer Capital, an Advanced Trading Platform for Cryptocurrencies

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow around the world with respect to adoption and investments, so are the number of cryptocurrency exchanges that are providing below-standard services. This is the reason why there is a need for investors to find a cryptocurrency trading platform that is reliable and up to the claims that it makes.

Neuer Capital’s Introduction

While the majority of the cryptocurrency trading platforms continue to provide below standard services, Neuer Capital is determined to provide investors with top-notch and top level trading services in the crypto-verse. The teams at Neuer Capital are well-versed in data analyzing and trading, having gathered all the knowledge from the crypto-trading markets to begin with.

Neuer Capital is always on the lookout for offering investors with the possible trading solutions that promise hefty profits and educate them enough to empower them in the cryptocurrency trading sector.

Trading Accounts Offered by Neuer Capital

Before an investor starts trading with Neuer Capital, they are provided with a list of trading options that include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black levels for the investors to trade in. Every account offered by Neuer Capital has been created to serve a certain group of investors based on their trading experiences and the amount of knowledge they gather throughout their trading journeys.

At Neuer Capital, the minimum deposit that the investors are required to make is €1,000, going all the way up to €100,000 by the time it reaches the Platinum trading account. As for the Black trading account, the investors are to get in touch with their respective account managers for more details.

Neuer Capital’s Adherence to KYC Regulation

At Neuer Capital, there is no flexibility when it comes to being adherent to the KYC regulations. The firm knows the importance of letting the investors in trade through its platform. There are many high-profile criminals/corrupt politicians out there using different crypto-trading platforms in order to launder money using fake identities. Therefore, the KYC regulations ensure that each and every individual trading through Neuer Capital goes through a thorough check before being on-boarded on its platform.

Neuer Capital’s Adherence to AML Regulation

Neuer Capital is as an adherent to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations as it is with the KYC regulations. Being compliant with the AML regulations means that Neuer Capital must keep a close check on the transactions being processed by the investors and report any that may pose high-risk on a higher level. This illicit transaction can be the beginning of a money-laundering activity or funding of a terrorist group by the corrupt. If any transaction is detected being on the same level, then it is reported to the regulatory authorities for further investigations right away.

Neuer Capital’s “Bring a Friend” Program

Neuer Capital not only provides investors the opportunity to make profits through crypto-trading but also gives investors the opportunity to earn money by referred friends to the Neuer Capital platform. The “Bring a Friend” allows investors to refer their friends to the platform and then earn a commission based on the deposit amount that the friend or a family member makes while joining Neuer Capital.

Through the referral program, the investors can earn as minimum as $400 by referring a friend that goes for the least deposit requirement account.

Deposits through Neuer Capital

At Neuer Capital, the minimum deposit requirement is (€, £, $) 1,000 that the investors can perform via debit/credit card or wire transfer. If the deposit is made via bank wire, then it may take several hours before the deposited money appears in the investor’s account. If a deposit is through a credit/debit card, then the money reflects right away into the account.

Withdrawals through Neuer Capital

When it comes to withdrawing money through Neuer Capital, then before the withdrawal is initiated, the investors are to provide proof of identification and proof of the financial assets they have. The process of withdrawing money through Neuer Capital can take up to 5-15 days, and the money is transferred through the same method that is used for making a deposit.

Neuer Capital’s Education Center

At Neuer Capital, the investors have an entire education center at their disposal. The education center is set to provide knowledge, guidance, information, and analysis reports around cryptocurrency trading. The main purpose of the education center is to provide enough knowledge and information to the investors, that they can make their crypto-trading decisions on their own.

Neuer Capital’s Customer Support

At Neuer Capital, the investors can always count on the 24/5 support from the platform’s customer support representatives. These representatives are highly skilled and capable of solving the investors’ queries in an efficient and effective amount of time.

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