OrbitGTM – A Revolutionary Online Trading Exchange

As the online trading industry grew vast and got widely adopted by the investors, the number of online trading brokerages providing services to investors has surged as well. With time, the majority of online trading firms have started offering below-standard services as they are more focused on investments than providing services to investors.

OrbitGTM’s Goal in Online Trading

When it comes to offering services in the online trading industry, OrbitGTM has emerged as a revolutionary brokerage. Ever since the launch, OrbitGTM has been in the process of offering lucrative as well as educational services to investors.

OrbitGTM’s aim is to ensure that the investors are provided with full support, knowledge, insights, and tips/tricks from the crypto-industry. This is to ensure that they are empowered and have full command over their trading activities and all the decisions they make are well-measured and calculated.

OrbitGTM’s Education Program

At Orbit GTM, the investors are provided with all the information and knowledge related to cryptocurrencies. The content is made available for the investors by the brokerage after collecting it from expert traders and analysts from the online trading sector. The content is has been arranged for the investors in the form of videos and ebooks.

The videos and ebooks contain trading experiences and insights from the trading experts no matter it is forex, stocks, commodities, indices, or cryptocurrency trading. The content is available for the investors to bring to their use and learn as much from it as possible. They can implement the tips and tricks learned from the content and increase their chances of making profits.

Trading Accounts Offered by OrbitGTM

At present, the majority of the online trading brokers in the industry offer just one kind of trading account to the investors, limiting their trading capabilities to the basic level. As they do not get much assistance and guidance, they always find themselves facing difficulties in trades so they can never excel.

However, OrbitGTM has brought a revolution to this element by introducing a list of trading accounts that are best suited according to the traders’ experience in the industry. If the traders feel they need to learn more and basics about online trading, then they can go for OrbitGTM’s most basic “Bronze” account.

At present, OrbitGTM offers a total of six trading accounts to investors that are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP. Each account is based on an investor’s trading experience and capabilities and ascends with their experience, offering advanced and more supportive services. The minimum deposit required in order to trade with OrbitGTM is €500 and it goes all the way up to €200,000 if a person wishes to go for a VIP account.

Services Offered by OrbitGTM

All the facilities offered at OrbitGTM are to facilitate investors in improving their trading capabilities and polishing their skills. Some of the major services include weekly trading sessions, access to an education/learning center, private education sessions with account managers, weekly trade training sessions, a savings account, trading programs, and guidance from the account manager.

Deposit and Withdrawal through OrbitGTM

When it comes to depositing money at OrbitGTM, the investors have the ability to do it via Debit/Credit Cards or Bank Wire Transfers. The minimum deposit required at OrbitGTM is €500 and the investors can start trading as soon as the money is transferred.

When it comes to money withdrawal, the investors can request a withdrawal for as minimum as €100 and the process may take up to 5-10 working days. Once again, the investors can request the withdrawal through the same methods they use for making deposits.

Adherence to AML and KYC Policies

In order to deliver the best services and keeping the trading platform ethical and without any risks, OrbitGTM ensures it is fully adherent to the AML and KYC policies. This means that OrbitGTM keeps a close check on every transaction that comes in and goes out of OrbitGTM’s platform. It reports any transactions to regulatory authorities if they are considered of high risk.

From time to time, OrbitGTM ensures it runs a background check on each one of its investors. For this purpose, the platform keeps their personal identification information up to date to ensure that they do not end up harboring any criminals, corrupt politicians, or terrorist funding syndicates.

OrbitGTM’s Real-Time Customer Support

When it comes to providing real-time customer support, OrbitGTM has put together a team of highly experienced, well-trained, professional as well as friendly customer support.

These individuals can be approached 24/7 by simply calling their number and are ready to provide prompt and effective solutions without wasting any time.

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