QuantBitex Review: The Only Online Trading Platform That You Need

Thanks to online trading platforms, the workload of online traders has decreased drastically. They don’t need to read each and every individual news piece regarding stocks or cryptocurrencies or forex rates anymore. Developing technologies have brought forward tools that do all the tedious tasks for traders. Now, all that they have to do is to be present for a good investment opportunity. That too is becoming an optional choice with the introduction of Algorithmic trading. Your trading experience can be a dream or a nightmare and it all depends on the kind of brokerage firm that you create an account with.

QuantBitex is one of the few brokers that offer traders everything that they could need in their trading journey. The firm offers the latest tools and features that ensure maximum profits on every investment. So, let’s discuss some top features of this trading firm to see how it ensures its top-quality performance.

Top Features of QuantBitex

Offer CFD and ETF Trading

This trading firm allows you to indulge in two of the most beneficial forms of trading i.e. CFD trading and ETF trading. CFD stands for Contract for Difference and allows traders to invest in assets via agreements with the broker. This means that they don’t use their investment capital to buy an asset. CFDs are a great way to invest in assets outside your financial range. ETF stands for Exchange Traded Funds and is also an advantageous form of trading that you can enjoy with QuantBitex.

Supports Various Assets

QuantBitex supports several different assets which allow traders to build and maintain a diverse trade portfolio. It is well-known for the vast variety of cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, commodities, and stocks that it supports. This keeps the traders from feeling suffocated from limited investment options. Investing in multiple assets at a time allow traders to practice low-risk trading. Moreover, they don’t need to find a new trading firm when they want to invest in a different asset.

Impressive Trading Tools

Trading tools are the unique feature of online trading firms that traditional traders did not have the benefit of using. QuantBitex provides its customers with modern trading tools which assist them in making profitable investment decisions. These tools include everything from leverage rates to crypto trading. The firm offers proper leverage at 1:400 and low spread rates. It provides a balanced position, offers trading signals, and increases the potential for high returns as well.  Rest assured that thanks to these state-of-the-art tools, you will be making maximum profits on every investment.

Propriety Web Trader

The web-based trading platform is designed to provide a premium trading experience to every trader. Since it’s a web trader, you don’t need to download any additional software onto your device. You can access your account simply by logging in on the website using your credentials. The cutting-edge platform is packed with innovative tools that make trading easier. You can choose different modes of trading execution, save time with one-click trading, and reap the benefits of modern technology. The platform is also available as a mobile trader which means that apps for it can be downloaded on your iOS and Android devices.

Reliable Customer Service

This brokerage firm supports the customers in many different ways. First of all, it provides different means of communication such as email addresses, phone numbers, and a direct message form, so that the customers can convey their queries to the firm easily. Their services are available 24/5. Moreover, an extensive FAQs section is also provided for the trader’s ease. The brokerage firm accepts several different methods of online payments which are very convenient for traders as they don’t have to make new accounts for transactions.

Final Thoughts

From the brief discussion above, you can tell why QuantBitex is considered to be among the best online brokers. The features that it offers to ensure that every trader has a premium trading experience. The broker lives up to its claim of being a customer-oriented firm and provides all the tools and services necessary to ensure that.

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