WorldStocks – A Phenomenal Automated Online Trading Brokerage

With every passing day, week, month, and year, the technology in the online trading business has been advancing. There used to be a time when everything used to be manual from running trading signals to performing trades. However, as time passed by, innovations and automation has made their way into the online trading business.

Unfortunately, the automation process is currently limited to brokerages that are enormous and have huge investments coming in, and are actively catering to millions of investors. This is the reason why the majority of the small and medium kinds of online trading platforms are deprived of many investors and trades.

Introduction to WorldStocks

That is where WorldStocks comes in and offers the same kinds of services and benefits to investors that brokerages such as Fidelity Investments, Tastyworks, and Interactive Brokers are providing on a large scale. However, investing through such brokerages is expensive and WorldStocks tends to provide the same service as these brokerages at very low rates.

WorldStocks believes in combing both traditional trading with automated trading, with the aim to facilitate investors in any way possible. WorldStocks’ operating team is well-experienced and trained to focus on the profiles of the investors and polish them to make fine diamonds out of them. WorldStocks’ goal is not only to help the investors in Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities trading but also to empower them in making business decisions on their own.

Trading Accounts Offered by WorldStocks

At WorldStocks, the investors are provided with a list of trading options that are Essentials, Micro, Standard, Premium, and Premium Pro trading accounts. Each account serves a particular investor group with different trading experiences in the online trading industry. From Essentials to Premium Pro trading, each account comes with a minimum deposit ranging from $250, $1,000, $5,000, $40,000, and $200,000 respectively.

Once the investors choose a trading account, they get to benefit from services such as leverage up to 1:150, lot sizes, spreads, dedicated CSM, premium trading education, commission, and sessions with analysts.

Trading Platform Offered by WorldStocks

To facilitate investors in the best way possible, WorldStocks provides them with one of the most adopted trading platforms in the industry, which is MetaTrader 4 (MT4). MT4 is known for being highly adaptable to the trading environment and requirements of the trading brokerage.

The platform offers investors the ability to perform trades with services that include trading charts, historical reports, trading signals, daily market reviews, daily changes in rates, and single-click executions.

The best thing about WorldStocks’ MT4 however, is that the platform is fully capable of doing trades on its own. The platform comes with an Algo-trading service that can perform trades automatically on their behalf and generate profits, even without the investors having to spend any time observing the markets.

At present, the MT4 trading platform offered by WorldStocks is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Deposits and Withdrawals through WorldStocks

To ensure that investors are provided with the easiest and most convenient modes of making deposits. The brokerage provides investors the option of depositing money either through Bank Wire Transfer or Debit/Credit card. The investors can make a minimum deposit of $250 and they can do it in USD, GBP, & EUR.

When it comes to money withdrawal, the investors have more options to do it than making deposits. The investors have the option of choosing from Bank transfers, Credit/Debit cards, Neteller, and Bitcoin wallets. The minimum withdrawal amount at WorldStocks is $100 and the process takes 3 business days for completion after necessary KYC and AML checks are performed.

WorldStocks’ Adherence to KYC and AML

Similar to the rest of the high-profile and authentic online trading brokerages, WorldStocks is also a regulated brokerage that is fully compliant with KYC and AML regulations. Therefore, as per the KYC policy, WorldStocks ensures that it keeps investors’ personal information up-to-date in its records as well as keeping a close eye on their transaction activities. This is to ensure that WorldStocks does not end up being involved in illicit activities related to money laundering or terrorist funding.

WorldStocks’ Customer Support

To ensure that investors are provided with the best support, WorldStocks has put together a team of highly professional and experienced individuals that are ready to assist investors 24/7. Whether it is a small query or an alarming one, the investors have the freedom to call them either via phone or shoot them an email, and someone from customer support will respond promptly.

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